E.S.I. Corporation has introduced Identity Cards with family photographs of Insured Persons for smooth administration of Medical Benefits in the E.S.I. Dispensaries and Hospitals. To compensate the erosion in monetary value of Permanent Disablement Benefit & Dependant\’s Benefit, periodical enhancement is granted in terms of percentage of original daily rate. Cash Benefit is paid at the Branch Offices in Cash/Money Order/ Cheque at the option of the Insured Persons/beneficiaries. The Money Order commission is borne by the E.S.I. Corporation. However, cash Benefit exceeding Rs.3,000.00 is paid through account payee Cheque/demand draft or by money-order only. The family members not residing with the Insured Person at the work place are entitled to receive medical benefit if they reside in implemented area in the State and separate family Identity Card is issued exclusively for family members.

    Medical Benefit

    Medical benefit under ESI scheme is provided mainly through state government except in Noida areas where medical benefit is provided to the I.Ps and their family members directly by ESIC. One modal hospital at Noida is also functioning under direct control of E.S.I. Corporation . Entire expenditure of this Model Hospital is borne by the E.S.I. Corporation . In other areas, medical treatment and attendance to insured persons and their family members is provided through a network of dispensaries and hospitals run by Director, ESI Scheme, Govt. of U.P. Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur under the overall control and superintendence of the labour department, Govt. of U.P. The total expenditure in administering the medical benefit is shared by the Corporation and the State government in the ratio of 7:1. Out door treatment is provided in ESI dispensaries and in-patient treatment through hospitals. In case any, super specialty treatment is required which is not available in ESI hospitals , the insured person, family members are referred to super specialty hospitals havings tie-up arrangement with the State government. A ceiling of Rs.1200 per Insured Person per annum has been fixed with effect from 01.04.2009 towards medical care. E.S.I. Corporation and the State Govt. share the expenditure on medical care at a agreed ratio of 7:1 and excess expenditure beyond the ceiling is borne by the State Govt.
    Public Grievance Redressal Cell

    Cabinet Secretariat , Govt. of India vide Gazette notification no. A-11013/1/88 dated 02.08.98 has extended the jurisdiction of Directorate of Public Grievances to E.S.I. Corporation Ministry of Labour. Accordingly ESI Corporation U.P. region has established “ Public Grievance Redressal Cell” at Regional Office , Kanpur. Shri S.Prasad Rao, Joint Director has been nominated as complaint officer . He , with the help of one Dy. Director and other clerical staff is looking after the complaint cell . This cell is monitoring the complaint related to Branch Offices and other ESI institutions.

BENEFITS : Quantum, Scale and Contributory Conditions

S.l. Benefit Contributory condition Duration Rate
1 SICKNESS BENEFIT Payment for any two least 78 days in the relevant contribution period 91days in any two consecutive benefit periods. Standard Benefit Rate (About 70% of the arange daily wages.
2 EXTENDED SICKNESS BENEFIT (for 34 specified long term diseases) Continues employment for a period of two year and contribution for 156 days in four consecutive contribution periods Two years 80% of the Standard Benefit rate
3 ENHANCED SICKNESS BENEFIT Same as for Sickness Benefit at (a) above. 7 days for vasectomy and 14 days for tub ecotomy; extendable in cases of post operative complication etc. Equal to Standard Benefit rate (full wages)
5 Temporary Disablement Benefit He should be an employee on the date of employment injury Till the incapacity last 90% of the Standard Benefit rate (about 90%)of the wages.
6 Permanent Disablement Benefit DO for life Depends upon the loss of earning capacity of the workers which is determined by a Medical Board.